Hello, Friends! welcome to our web bolg bestceocard.com.Here we will introduce some about the business cards crafts .

    Today we are going to introduce the Golden foil crafts.The golden foil craft will make the cards looks golden and make the card more high-end. This craft is widely used and adapts to cards of various materials. such as paper business cards,  Plastic gift cards, metal wedding cards and so on. But the crafts of different materials is different. Below is an introduction of gold foil of plastic cards(VIP membership cards).

    The blank plastic card size is: 85.50mm x 54.00mm x 0.76mm, This is the normal size, and it is also the size of the credit card. If the quantity is large, the size can be customized. The blank card is white, and the color of the business card is printed.there are many other crafts before golden foil.such as numeric embossing code of credit card ,Signature strip.The golden foil process will be carried out at a later stage.

    The gold foil process use high temperature to paste the golden film on the card by the golden foil machine one card by one card. The production efficiency of this process is relatively slow, and the corresponding price is relatively high. The location and area of bronzing have certain requirements. Otherwise the golden film is easy to fall off.

    This principle of golden foil film is also applicable some paper cards, but not all of the paper gift cards.

    Product link: Plastic VIP membership business card with golden foil craft

    Youtube link: Plastic VIP membership business card with golden foil craft