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        Welcome to ! Our factory have specialized in producing cards for 25 years. Our products include paper business card and hang tag, plastic gift VIP membership cards,metal wedding cards, transparent thank you card.And now popular frosted metallic Plastic visiting cards.

       We produce rfid key fob door control ,RFID wristband, NFC tag sticker label since 2011. We can customize various products according to customer needs. Choose different chips, different design schemes, and different materials to meet the needs of different customers.

       In this blog, we will regularly update some knowledge about cards, hope our profession can give you some inspiration.

09 Jan 700g Thickness Paper Business Cards with Golden Edge Introduce
yapefe2000 72 1369
        Today I will introduce you a high-end paper business cards. This gift card with a fixed size: 88*52mm (700g thickness).has four golen foil edg..
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